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By: Vashawn Nash

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Studies show that the development of ideas surrounding independence and possession begin taking shape in the earliest stages of childhood -even as early as two years old! Ever see a toddler find difficulty sharing? Or get frustrated not being allowed to do things they can’t see the danger in? Of course you have! 

Well even as an adult I find trouble at times letting go of things, or feeling like my independence is being infringed upon.

In the context of my relationship with God sometimes I identify with that toddler and find hardship with letting go of something that my heart has claimed ownership over.

On the soil of each of our hearts is fought a bloody and violent battle of wills; each power competes with the aim of conquering the land. In Luke 22 we get to see an amazing picture of what this “battle” looked like in Jesus‘s relationship with God the Father. The night before Jesus would be crucified He endured an unfathomable amount of stress concerning the events that would soon happen. Here was His dialogue with The Father: 

“Father, if You are willing, remove this cup from Me. Nevertheless, not My will, but Yours, be done.”LUKE 22:42 (ESV)

These words that Jesus spoke were a reflection of the love, trust, and humility He felt towards the Father. What does this “battle” look like in your relationship with God? In my life I’ve come to realize that total surrender is difficult! It’s a day-by-day endeavor, that is impossible apart from Gods help.

It’s only by the Holy Spirit that we are empowered with the ability to surrender daily to God.

In cooperation with the Spirit we should daily take on the responsibility to steward and cultivate our love for God, our trust in His word, and our humility towards Him. 

Doing this will secure that the expression of surrender to God in our lives will become increasingly greater.

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  • Prayerfully identify an area in your life that needs more surrendering, and reach out to a leader in our church for accountability and prayer concerning this area.
  • Listen to the song “ Have my Heart“ by Maverick city music
  • Listen to the song “God is good“ by Jonathan McReynolds
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PRAYER: Loving, trustworthy and faithful Father, I desire to go deeper in my relationship with You through surrender. Lord conquer my heart and take for Yourself all of the things it has claimed ownership over: My time, my life decisions, my relationships, my resources and finances, my lifestyle, my career, my children, etc. Lord I humbly ask that You would grow my love, trust, and humility towards You so that the level of my surrender to You will be increasingly deepened. Let my heart echo Jesus’s words “Nevertheless let Your will be done”. In Jesus’s name…amen.

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