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By: Neena Ratner

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Psalm 95:6 ESV”]

When you think of worship, what comes to mind? Singing? Giving? Praying? These things are good things… and are in fact, acts of worship. But have you recently stopped and asked God to deepen your worship? Or have these things become routine? You step into church, sing some songs, give your tithe, and pray a short prayer. Has God ever challenged you to sing as if He’s the only one in the room? Has He put it on your heart to give above your tithe an abundant offering? Or to pray fervently- maybe even for someone who has wronged you?

Those things are not easy to do. But what if the Lord wanted to take you deeper? It’s helpful to understand that worship can be defined as 1. the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration or 2. Honor. When we worship God, what we’re saying is, “I revere You God… I respect You… I adore You… I honor You.” This should be the very reason we act in worship. When we Know God and see Him as the only One who’s truly worthy of worship… we will want to bless with the best gifts we could offer! 

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ACTION STEP: I remember losing sight of the importance and dominance of worship… I had showed up late to church, was distracted, and became inattentive. I felt God speak to me in that moment, “You have carved out intentional time to worship me here at church and you don’t even take it.” I was so convicted. It was true. I decided right there I needed to deepen my worship. I needed to commit to remove the distractions, wake up early, be on time, and embrace the power of worshipping God! You may have private moments of worship when you’re alone or in the car, but don’t forget the public ones either where there’s accountability and community in worship gatherings. Show up!

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PRAYER: Lord, I pray that we would deepen our worship of You. I pray when we sing, it would be filled with genuine joy to be in Your presence. I pray we wouldn’t be distracted, get complacent, or forget the power of worshipping You. I pray we would be still and Know You and recount the wonderful things You have done. “I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.” -Psalm 9:1 

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