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By: Andres Ramirez

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It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of this world. You succeed in sports, in school, in business, and in life, and people keep commending you on your accomplishments. Soon enough, you’ve allowed the world to convince you that you are responsible for your success, and you forget that your gifts are a blessing from God meant for His glory and not yours.  The awards, the scholarships, the promotions, and the relationships begin to take priority in your life, and you continue to lose sight of the purpose of your God given gifts. You now become fully convinced that it’s you who’s awesome, and you begin to rely less on the Lord and more on yourself. That is when the road to ruin begins.

Sadly, this is the story of one too many. We lose our dependence on God and we lose track of our relationship with God. There is nothing wrong with success, or in taking pride in your success, so long as you keep perspective and humility that it is God working through you for His glory.  I’ve lost sight of that many times throughout my walk with Jesus, and have been fortunate to have grounded people to remind me that all my blessings are because of the Lord.

Staying humble is not easy living in a world that prizes success and especially in a city that promotes excess. However, it is not possible to deepen your relationship with God without increasing your humility. To understand and accept that there must be more of Him and less of you. This is a choice that I make everyday. To wake up and thank the Lord that it is His will that I am awake, and thank Him for allowing me to use the gifts He has blessed me with for His glory and not mine.

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ACTION STEP: Take a moment to think about all the times that you took credit for something God did in your life. Those moments when you dusted off your shoulders, and thought you were amazing. Was that really you, or was that God working through you? Did you use God’s gifts for your glory or His? Regardless of what you think, the Lord knows what’s in your heart. Ask the Lord to deepen your humility and to change your mindset so that you are driven to use your gifts for Him and not for you.

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PRAYER: Lord, I thank you for the gifts that you have bestowed upon me. I acknowledge that you are the awesome almighty one. I pray that you deepen my humility, and remind me that I all my success comes from you. Help me focus my mind, body and soul to use my gifts for your glory. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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