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By: Shelby Nash

[/nectar_highlighted_text][nectar_single_testimonial testimonial_style=”basic” quote=”“The end of something is better than it’s beginning. Patience is better than pride.” Ecclesiastes 7:8″]

In today’s day and age sometimes in our lives we have a tendency to move so fast. Since we’re moving fast paced we want everything else to move just as quickly. We want instant coffee, instant success, faster traffic, and high(er) speed internet. It’s understandable because we have goals, errands to run and an endless list on our todo list. But the trouble with this mentality is that some things take more time than we are willing to spend in order to come about.

In Genesis, we are introduced to a man named Abraham who God promised would be the Father of many nations. Not only were Abraham and his wife old, but the two had no children, so who would be the offspring to which Abraham would father? It was an impossible task but Abraham believed God would do what he had promised. Although Abraham and Sara believed God, they became impatient in their waiting. They decided to take matters into their own hands and Sara gave her servant to Abraham so she would bear him children. Although Abraham soon became a father it wasn’t in accordance to God’s will. God had something bigger planned, something more beautiful than what Abraham could cultivate on his own. All that was needed was more patience. 

From the story of Abraham we learn that we can’t throw Gods will in the microwave to be done quicker! Desiring to take things into our own hands instead of waiting on God is impatience- a form of pride in disguise.

Sometimes having patience is difficult, especially when there’s an anticipation for things that are to come. Whether in our relationships with friends or family, or even with God. But we should daily choose to rest in God’s promises knowing that He will do exactly what He said He would…In…His…time.

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ACTION STEP: Spend time seeking the Lord to see if there is anything you have been impatient with. Ask Him for forgiveness and for Him to give you a new outlook on whatever it is. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit so continually abide in God’s Word and in prayer so that as you do, your Patience will be developed.

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PRAYER: Oh sovereign Lord, thank You even when I am unknowing that  You are all knowing. Thank You that when I am doubtful You are definite. You are the same yesterday, today, and forever. Lord help me to trust You. Help me to be patient in the midst of uncertainty. I pray that I won’t pick back up what I have laid at your feet, but instead empower me by your Spirit to lean into you more, in patience and in trust. In Jesus’ faithful and mighty name I pray, amen!

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