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By: Kristen Gibbons

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Jesus and his disciples were traveling teaching the gospel to many.  This particular time, Jesus took his disciples up on a hillside to talk to them directly.  You see, being close to such a popular man as Jesus gave the disciples a sense of importance and power.  Jesus saw an opportunity to teach them to be wary of temptations they will face because of their associations with Him.

The beatitudes were written to remind us what is to be fulfilled in Heaven and how to live as followers of Jesus while on earth. 

Matthew 5:8, speaks directly our purity.  Purity can sometimes feel and be one of the hardest things to remain in control of.  To be “pure in heart”, is a whole body, mind and heart mentality.  Yes, your body needs purity of sexual sins that are so easily entrapping. Yes, your mind needs to think of others and their needs with pure thoughts and motives. Yes, your heart needs to flow with purity in the way it feels towards oneself and other people who wrong you.

But, why? Why did Jesus choose purity? Why does it have to be so important? Jesus came to earth, not for himself, but for everyone else.  By Jesus choosing to live a pure life, choosing to be a servant, choosing to take ridicule, choosing to be sexually pure, choosing to forgive again and again, He not only paved a way for us to know how to live but He paved a way for us to live with Him forever in Heaven.  If Jesus had not chosen a pure heart, then he could not have died on the cross for our sins. 

So what does that mean for us? If we want other people to see Jesus through what we do and think, then we have to choose to go deeper and choose the life Jesus lived.  We must strive everyday to choose a pure heart because when we do, those we’re with at work, school, and the park will see and experience Jesus through us. 

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ACTION STEP: Search your body, mind and heart for those impure moments.  Don’t shy away from them.  Own them, because you are a sinner.  Know that it’s ok. Pray your most honest prayer to the Lord and express to him everything about that sin. Don’t leave out any detail. Tell Jesus, what your heart truly desires when it comes to purity.  

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PRAYER: Thank you Jesus for choosing purity every day you were on earth.  Thank you for never expecting us to be perfect.  Thank you for knowing we would need reminders in your Word of how difficult but worth following you would be.  Thank you for the deepest fulfillment you have prepared for us in Heaven and know that we want to choose You in every moment of every day.  We love you, Amen.  

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