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By: Wes Hodges

[/nectar_highlighted_text][nectar_single_testimonial testimonial_style=”basic” quote=”A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” – Proverbs 18:24, ESV”]

Let’s look at a couple of important words in this verse. The Oxford Dictionary defines friend as “a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection”.  In the last few years we have skewed the definition of “friend”.  With social media “friend” has become a verb.  We measure our friends by clicks, likes and number of followers; knowing almost nothing about these people. Further the definition of companion is “a person or animal with whom one spends a lot of time”.  If you spend a lot of time with someone that doesn’t mean you are a friend with that person.  In fact the Bible here says that we need to guard ourselves with whom we spend our time. People we call “friends” but really aren’t can make us vulnerable because their friendship and loyalty can change depending on circumstances.

A friend that sticks closer than a brother is very special.  Someone that remains loyal no matter what happens.  Someone who encourages, supports, helps, corrects and loves us.  For us to have such friends we must show that same friendship. I have been very fortunate through seasons of life to have some truly great friends.  But notice what I said there… through seasons of life.  While we can have great friends in our life there are life situations that occur where we no longer are close to those people.  We move, families grow, our time gets divided and sadly some of our friends pass away.  

However we have a friend as believers that is closer than a brother.  Jesus.  The Bible says Jesus is a friend of sinners and will never leave us or forsake us. Wow! We have Jesus as a model for how we should be a friend.  Lean into that model to deepen your friendships.

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ACTION STEP: How many people would call you a 2AM friend?  That is someone they could call at 2AM and if they needed anything and you’d be there to help and support them.  Don’t take it for granted but today call someone and tell them you are their 2AM friend. Increase your level of friendship.

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PRAYER: Lord, thank you for being the perfect friend.  Thank you for the friends you have put into my life to make it better.  Lord I pray that you help me to be a better friend to the people you have put into my life.  Amen.

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