by Pastor Heiden Ratner
Aug. 27th, 2023

“By faith Isaac invoked future blessings on Jacob and Esau.” – Hebrews 11:20


I remember sitting in a room full of church planters and being asked to share how the work was going. We each went around the room, giving testimonies of God’s activity. One memory that stands out was a friend of mine who shared something along the lines of:

“The work is hard, and the growth often feels slow, but even if I never get to see the fruit of my labor, I pray my kids someday will.” What a prayer and posture of faith.

In Genesis 27, we find Abraham’s son Isaac, now all grown up with his own family. Not only did God provide for him on the mountain (Gen. 22:13-14), but He also blessed him with a wife named Rebecca. Together, they had two sons, Jacob and Esau (Gen. 24). At this point, he was advanced in years and nearing death, yet similarly to my church planter friend, he had a posture of faith and declared blessing over his kids’ lives–even if he wouldn’t live to see it.

Of all the things Isaac could have been remembered for in Hebrews 11, the author chose to remember him for his faith to speak blessings over his sons. How important must it be to God to see His children walk by faith, speak by faith, and bless their family members by faith?

Take a moment today to pray future blessings over your family. Whether you’re married with kids like Isaac or single, yet have parents and siblings, take time to pray future blessings over the lives of those closest to you and thank God in advance for all He is going to do–by faith.

3 “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places,” – Ephesians 1:3


Father, thank You for being the God of blessing. Today I want to pray future blessings over my family. I pray for the people You have sovereignly placed in my life for such a time as this. I pray You would bless them in their endeavors and that more than anything, You would bless their relationship with You. Stir up their faith and increase their understanding of Your love for each of them. In Jesus’ name, amen!

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