Life is not meant to walk alone.

Charge Groups are where you find community at WALK Church! We’ve often said Charge Groups are the heartbeat of our church and that real freedom happens in community. We know that meaningful relationships can be hard to find. Charge Groups exist to make life-changing relationships relevant and accessible to you. We believe that God created us for community with others and it’s impossible to live out the Christian life alone.

Joining a Charge Group is your perfect opportunity to build relationships and grow closer to God through common interests. Whether you’re new to groups, facilitating for the first time, or a seasoned leader, there’s a place for you!

Charge Groups

At Walk Church we have a group for everyone! We believe real life-change happens in the context of relationships and we know how important it is for your growth in Jesus to happen throughout the week.

Our Charge Groups are set up for you to connect and grow with other believers! You are more than welcome to join any Charge Group! Contact us today if you are interested in a Charge Group. #BetterTogether