At WALK Church, we have five core values that are both unique to the culture at WALK and reflective of the life of Christ. We believe values drive our decisions, and decisions shape our lives!


If God doesn’t show up, we’re sunk! We are absolutely, completely, entirely dependent upon God and His presence in everything we do. From the preaching of His word, to the times of intentional prayer that we have, to the worship songs we sing – we are God dependent.


We believe the church isn’t like family – it is family. We value authenticity in our relationships, conversations, groups, and lifestyle. We believe true freedom is found in authentic community and that’s something we strive for at WALK Church.


We believe you can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving. Because we love people, love our city, love the nations, and above-all love Christ – generosity is a crucial part of who we are.


We believe going to church should be a breath of fresh air, not a duty to be performed on the weekend. We value having an excellent, life-giving atmosphere where people far from God can experience the love and message of Christ, while at the same time people that know God can be built up, challenged, and grow alongside one another.


The Kingdom of God is bigger than WALK Church. We value collaborating with other churches, ministries, schools, and organizations for the glory of God and spread of His name. We believe we can better accomplish the mission God has given us together.