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    Are you interested in learning more about WALK Church? Do you have questions about becoming a partner? Looking for a way to get involved?  If so, be sure to submit the contact form on the left to get in touch with us. We want to get connected with you and answer any questions you may have about what God is doing in and through WALK Church! Also, feel free to contact us using any of the information listed below.


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    [icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”small” image=”fa-envelope-o”] Mailing Address: WALK Church Ministry Office: 8810 S Maryland Pkwy Unit 105 Las Vegas, NV 89123

    [icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”small” image=”fa-users”] Sunday Service: 8625 S Spencer St. Las Vegas, NV 89123 (Schofield MS) | 9 & 11AM

    [icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”small” image=”fa-mobile”]  (702)-508-9255

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