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Heiden and Neena Ratner grew up in Las Vegas, NV where God has called them together to plant WALK Church. Heiden and Neena did not grow up in typical Christian households, however, God did a radical work in their lives during their early college years and they have never looked back. It was during one of Heiden’s first-ever Bible Studies in Las Vegas, which Neena had attended, that they established a lasting friendship.

Two years later they decided to turn their friendship into a relationship and on November 18, 2011, Heiden and Neena were married in Israel, where Heiden was playing professional basketball. Heiden and Neena have four sons, Epaph (7), Asa (4), and Heiden Jr. (2), and their newest addition baby Lion. Together the Ratner’s share a love for the people of Las Vegas and are excited to be a part of God’s Kingdom activity in the city through planting WALK Church.

Pastor Heiden

Heiden Ratner is the Senior Pastor of WALK Church and the Send City Missionary in Las Vegas with the Send Network. He holds a B.A. degree in Religious Studies from Mercyhurst College (now University) and a Master of Arts degree in Church Planting from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. After playing four years of college basketball, Heiden played a season of professional basketball in Israel. After coaching a season of college basketball in Kentucky, Heiden sensed God calling him to move his family back to his hometown of Las Vegas, NV to plant churches, beginning with WALK Church.

Heiden enjoys playing basketball, traveling, collecting shoes, and spending quality time with his wife and their four boys.

Neena Ratner

Neena Ratner is the wife of Heiden and she is the Guest Relations Director and 4Twelve Kids Ministry Interim Director at WALK Church. Neena also serves as the Church Planting Spouse Advocate for the Send Network in Las Vegas. Neena is a gifted communicator and specializes in discipling women and teaching children. She has a strong passion to invest in the next generation and present the gospel in creative and fresh ways. She also has a deep desire to pour into fellow church planting wives.

Neena enjoys traveling with her husband, going out on dates, and spending quality time with their four boys.

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The Journey of WALK Church
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This is our More

Our dream has always been to plant a life-giving facility that would reach the city of Las Vegas seven days a week. We believe God has more for our church and part of what that looks like is a location that we can call home. Watch the video below to learn more about "the more" God has for us.

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