We do all things, prayerfully in God’s timing


  • Vision casting to core group
  • Launch WALK Charge group
  • Team development and leadership training
  • Prayer gatherings and prayer walks
  • More team members arrive on the ground in Las Vegas

PHASE 2 | JANUARY – JUNE ’15 (Complete)

  • Multiply WALK Charge group
  • Establish relationships within plant community
  • Recruit and train launch team members
  • Continue casting vision, discipling, and equipping WALK core team
  • Continue partnering with other churches and raising funds for the work of the ministry

PHASE 3 | JUNE – SEPTEMBER ‘15 (Complete)

  • Begin transition out of HOPE Church (Sending Church)
    • June 7th – WALK Info Sunday at Hope Church – All three services
    • June 11th – Vision Dinner for all interested in learning more about WALK
    • September 6th Commissioning Sunday out of Hope Church
  • Engage 2015 Mission Projects
    • June 10th – WALK Hoops Basketball Tournament
    • Prayer walking and surveying our surrounding communities
  • Begin Sunday Night Large Group Gatherings
    • July 5th – August 23rd
  • Continue to Multiply WALK Groups


  • Launch WALK Church public worship services (9.20.15)
  • Identify and begin partnering with an unreached people group globally
  • Begin asking God to reveal to us our next church planter and plant location